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Vedanta Visarada, Adhyatmika Ratna, Sri Yaaga Vidya Praveen
Dr P V Sesha Sai Aswamedhayaaji
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18 placements in 32 plus years

I worked as a Special Assistant, an Assistant Manager, as a sub-manager, a Manager, as a lead bank officer, as a guest faculty; as a manager in Divisional Office and similar such. I experienced 18 placements, if not more during my 32 years plus of association with the Bank.
AND THEN GOOD BYE MOTHER.....................Back to home

Had I continued.............

The fact remains I was one of the best educated staff of the Bank as a post graduate in commerce; a law graduate; a diploma holder in United Nations International Understanding with specialization on World Bank; a Vedanta Visarada from Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan; A prestigious CAIIB, An associate of All India Management Association and similar other qualifications. I was as the coexaminer for Indian Institute of Bankers. I had another 6 years of service ahead of me but then I feared very much basing on my past experiences. Thus I desired to leave the Bank once for all..................................

My 32 plus years career ended in 2001

2001 - a year worth remembering in our lives. Somehow I was placed in Hyderabad without any disturbance since 1997 due to which my son could complete his 10 plus 2 education and started trails for his graduation inspite of his being treated a non local.
In the meantime, VRS scheme was announced, and I was at a puzzle whether to go out of the bank or to continue. The main problem was I completed 3 years plus at Hyderabad (interestingly) and any time I would be asked to move out of Hyderabad. Due to my sons condition as a non local, he got a seat in an engineering college situated 70 km away from Hyderabad. The college was in a rural area where there was no outside hostels or insite hostels. Which means he has to travel every day from Home to the College. It costed me heavily for no fault of ours. I was to go for a rented house to keep my son comfortable atleast for the bus journey to the college. Under these circumstances, I feared for moving out of Hyderabad. Thus I was to opt for VRS though I had enough service ahead of me. Ultimately I moved out of the Bank on 28th May 2001. Though I did not wish for a warm send off, the send off was not as it should be. I saluted my mother bank by prostating in front of the gate for giving me food, shelter and a life worth leading and MY JOURNEY STARTED BACK TO HOME.

The worst experiences started

I was posted to Mathura in UP in 1994 soon after returning from the Yaagam at Yanamadala and later incidents at Mathura caused lot of damage to my inviduality, personality and image. I do not wish to blame any one, but it was my time that caused all such. I desired to come out of bank at that time due to all humiliations, insults, damages caused to my personality. There was sea change within a few months, and I could not assimilate what did I do for the bank in Yanamadala (both for the bank and bank staff) and what has happened immediately after the yaagam. It was a personality assasination. But then, a good number of staff stood by me including top most officials and they tried to convince me as what has happened was a professional hazard. Beyond this, the Government officials, and the bank Officers appolagised me for what was all done to me and desired me to continue in the bank and show the world that I was committed to the Bank and sincere. Over a period of time, I was convinced about what has been told and I thought going out of the bank was not a suitable decision for the reason that would lead to escapism, and continuing in the bank would show the world that I am fair and sincere. My sincerity was respected one and all over a period of time during my further period of service till I took my Retirement Voluntarily. During 1995 I was posted to Allahabad and in 1996 general transfers I was shifted to Ghaziabad in UP as its Manager in the Divisional Office. In 1997 I was again posted to Cuddapah in AP and during transit I lost all my belongings and ultimately landed in Hyderabad at the banks Zonal Office.
My children education was very badly effected and my son was kept at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Bheemavaram for his 6th class; at Vijayawada for his 7th class; at Allahabad for his 8th class; at Ghaziabad for his 9th class and at Hyderabad for his 10th class. Due to all this, my son was treated as a non-local of AP due to which he lost all his educational prosperity for his graduation. My daughter could not proceed for her post graduation.

Jan 1994 - An Unusual Month in the History of Syndicate Bank

Any one who could read the cyclostyled letter which is presented in its original form would come to know what exactly has happened during 1994. I travelled all the way to Guntur District from UP at my own cost and surveyed the Area for its suitability to perform the Yaagam. Later I applied for a personal loan and met all the expenditure that was needed at that time and the yaagam was done "for retention of the identity of my mohter Bank-Syndicate Bank and also for the welfare of its staff". People told me that there was no such an occasion for any bank staff in the past to perform such a Yaagam at the cost of an individual staff.
But then, I have my own satisfaction. One of the founders whom I admire wished that I should do this and I did it in an unusual manner which no bank officer in the past or in the near future could afford doing so. My banks identity was protected - and it is protected even today.

Torublesome Path of Career

In the month of August 1979 or so I was posted to Kota - another rural area branch as its manager. Kota has electricity and as such it was surely a better placement for me compared to Seetharampuram. Yet, it was a problamatic position due to political rivalries. No manager earlier stayed there for over three years due to conflicts etc. I was elected as the Secretary of Rotary Club and my associations with the Public through the Club services got strengthened. Even today I am sure no manager would have excelled and arranged as many programs as I could arrange in the area and these can be seen in another blog created for this purpose in the name of I was reaching business targets and my recovery in the branch was second to none in those days. I lost my mother in the month of December 1980 and it was a very sad period in my life. I can not write more than this and I do not wish to recollect the sad incidents as to how my bank treated me. I have no grievance against any one, but I consider it as my bad time. Still I continued till May 1983 as its manager and I could do well to the society to the best of my capacities better than any one else if posted at that time in the similar situation.
With all bad health I moved out of Kota to Vijayawada as the Sub Manager of Vijayawada Main Branch and it was a suffering period healthwise in my life. I could complete my CAIIB during this period. I started aiming at the National growth and I designed several subjects and one among them was "Common Universally Acceptable Paper Currency" which was submitted to University of Economic Sciences, Berlin. I was invited to participate in its International Seminars when Bank of Baroda came with a proposal of hosting me in their staff training college at London and to avail of my services in educating their staff. Central Bank came out with a Credit Card for use internationally and it was my first Credit Card. However, my bank did not believe that I would come back after attending the Seminar for over 20 days, and thus it did not grant me leave for as little period as one month. They might have some constraints, but I lost an opportunity of representing our country internationally and to promote a common currency ( my desire to promote Indian Rupee as Common Currency). I was repeatedly invited during 1983 and later too, but the situation was similar and there was no change in the outlook of the management.
I was continuing my suggestions to the bank and perhaps this was the best period I used for sending as many suggestions as possible for the benefit of the bank.
I was posted suddenly to Vizianagaram Branch as its manager during May 1985 and I reported for duty and suddenly I was asked to move out of Vizianagaram and reach Guntakal branch in Anantapur District. My journey from one corner of AP to the other corner was completed. A person like me could not digest the atmosphere prevailing in the branch and I was shocked to see the ugly maintenance of the branch. I was as Secretary to Rotary Club and later elevated as its President too. Several Medical camps were organized by me. That was a diamond jubilee year for the bank (60 years). Several programs were arranged and the deposits front was geared up, while the recovery position got brigthened.
This was the place where from I was once again invited to University of Economic Sciences to give a Keynote address on Common Currency in its International Seminar which gave opportunity to only 21 countries and I was one among them representing India. My tickets were booked and I was about to leave with all the joy that I amgoing to enjoy the opportunity to take the flag of the country to newer heights along with that of my banks flag. Suddenly my father breathed his last and I was to leave all programs and to run to Vijayawada to perform the rituals as the eldest of the family.
Soon I was posted as Lead Bank Office to the Lead District Office in Anantapur and I joined the post even without serving the Guntakal branch for atleast an year. It was a different role. It was really a hell for me changing my children from one place to the other; changing of books, paying donations, creating new unadjustable atmosphere for their education continuity and so on. What to do?
I was posted to Vijayawada in the month of September or so of 1987 which means I stayed at Anantapur for only few months. I joined at Vijayawada in the banks divisional office. That year I purchased a small site and constructed a house of my own during November 1987. I continued here till 1993 during which time my wife received an electrical shock and her hands were totally burned.
During 1993 I was posted to Agra in Uttar Pradesh. I left for Agra leaving my family at Vijayawada. In the meantime one of the founders of the bank whom I admire asked me to perform some Yaagam whereupon the position of the bank improves while the rumours of its merger remain as just rumours.
I selected Yanamadala - a village in Guntur District where a 13th Centure Kaala Bhairava Temple was located and I discussed the matter with my Guruji.

My Placements in different areas

I was transferred from Buchireddipalem to Seetharampuram - a remote area which has no electricity, no protected water supply facility, no news paper, no phone, no school, no hospital and what not? This was in the year 1977 and I did not do any great crime to receive such punishment. Due to this placement, I lost educative prospects of studying CAIIB and completing it. My health was badly effected. My eldest daughters basic education was put to a total halt. My wife suffered a lot in the remote area and at my just 30th year of life, I was to forego all basic comforts needed for a human being. There is no fault of mine and my placement to Nellore - a district head quarters branch was got cancelled and I do not know what my boses thought of me at that time.
I had no other go than to surrender to the circumstances but very soon I started seeing the plights of the villagers and started sharing their difficulties and I took a oath that my placement as Manager of Seetharampuram branch should atleast bring light into the lives of villagers though I was to sacrifice all personal needs of the age. Anothe blog is created in the name of which may be seen with all curiosity needed to know what a person can do if cornered.

A few more acknowledgements of the past

A few letters acknowledging the suggestions

Many officials acknowledged the suggestions given by me keeping in view of banks progress and it is not my intention to place all the records in this blog in support of my statement. It is not my desire to draw the attention of the bank management now with any other motive. I have no grievance that the bank could not do justice in my career growth matching the contributions made by me and the sacrifices. It obviously make no sense in claiming any reward from the bank after taking voluntary retirement during 2001. The intention of placing some of these records is to show the world that I did my duty to the fullest satisfaction of myself and in an unmatching way and I REMAINED DUTIFUL TOO EVEN IN MY CAREER. Therefore I am not placing any other records in this blog in addition to the one already displayed.

It is extremely difficult to retain the documentary evidences for over 35 plus

Employee Suggestion Scheme

Some of the acknowledgements given by the bank are appended to the extent of their availability. It is not practicable to place all the records due to fear of volume. Hundreds of such suggestions given to the bank to improve upon its working or to gain profits, or to reduce the possible losses were placed before the bank management for their study and acceptance. It may be a fact that there were no other employees either in the past till now or in the likely near future who could offer these many suggestions and I am proud that I could do justice to my role responsibility and remain attached for the bread giving institution treating it as my MOTHER.

a look at different suggestions given to the bank - documentary evidences

My life at Sullurpet Branch

I stayed at Sullurpet branch - a newly opened branch in Nellore District for less than a year and I was successful in contacting each business unit in Sullurpeta during my brief stay and most of the business concerns opened their accounts with us. One Mr C Ramachar was our Manager at Sullurpet. I was promoted to the rank of Assistant Manager while at Sullurpet branch and I was posted to Buchireddipalem branch - another village branch in the month of March 1973. I was relieved from Sullurpet branch around the first week of April 1973 and my career at Buchireddipalem started on 13th April 1973.

My life with Syndicate Bank

I joined Syndicate Bank on 1st August 1968 at Bodhan. After completion of B Com my father advised me to join the bank and at that point of time bank nationalization was seriously on move. I followed the advise of my father and preferred bank job. Having been born and brought up in Vijayawada - a City, we never thought that a new life was to start on choosing bank job at a rural area. My journey to Bodhan started and I reached Bodhan around 25th of July and I thought of joining the bank on 1st August so that I would have a month salary instead of piecemeal for intermediary break periods. I was not knowing debit and credit and I could not identify what was a Savings Bank cheque and what was a Current account cheque. Both looked alike and my time in Cash room was something different. Soaken notes, rough changes and all puzzled me for a long time since I did not prefer to touch them.
Every monday was a headache day due to dumping of clearing instruments on my head. Since I did not stay any time alone till I entered Bodhan, my father reached me a little later and taught me cooking of rice etc. Kerosine Stove, Rice cooking, weekly sandy days ----oh, a new life. The work was so heavy in the office, I used to reach office morning at 8.00 am and the day normally ended around 12.00 midnight when a few of us reach a tea bunk to fill up our stomachs with rotten biscuits and kerosine (Smell) tea. That was our dinner for long time in Bodhan. Sometimes we used to go picture hall and again seeing a picture in such a remote area and that too in a tent like theatre was a memorable experience. I was going to cinema hall by name Navrang theatre in Vijayawada which was very neatly maintained and smoking was prohibited inside the theatre even in those days. From such a decent atmosphere to a different atmosphere where people never used to go out for smoking. The halls used to get filled with cigarette smoke with an eye burning sensation and that was the order of the life style of those people in those days. I was very fond of Hollywood movies and it looks foolish if I mention here that on one day I travelled to Hyderabad along with another friend of mine by name Shri Chaturvedula Sree Rama Chandra Murthy on a motor cycle to see the newly released picture in Ramakrishna 70 mm theatre by name "The Sound of Music". We saw the picture and returned to Bodhan all the way on our motor cycle.
When the life style was that, I preferred to write the banking examinations in the name of CAIIB and I was successful in completion of Part I of the Examination while at Bodhan.
In the meantime bank announced Cumulative Housing Deposits with a monthly contribution of Rs.5 and Rs.10. I understood the economic situation of the villagers and as such took lead to canvass the deposits and astonishingly I canvassed more than 200 deposits accounts in one single day and this was very much appreciated by my management of those days. It was considered to be a all time record in India in those days.
I got married on 13th August 1972 while at Bodhan and in the month of May or so of 1973 I sought for a transfer to a new branch at Sullurpeta where I desired to excell in deposit mobilization.