Saturday, June 28, 2008

Employee Suggestion Scheme

Some of the acknowledgements given by the bank are appended to the extent of their availability. It is not practicable to place all the records due to fear of volume. Hundreds of such suggestions given to the bank to improve upon its working or to gain profits, or to reduce the possible losses were placed before the bank management for their study and acceptance. It may be a fact that there were no other employees either in the past till now or in the likely near future who could offer these many suggestions and I am proud that I could do justice to my role responsibility and remain attached for the bread giving institution treating it as my MOTHER.


Ana said...

Interesting... I was searching this info for my uncle. He will be happy for such a great info. Thanks for sharing...
Employee suggestion scheme

Marita said...

There should be more initiatives like this one. Nice post... Thanks!

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