Saturday, June 28, 2008

Jan 1994 - An Unusual Month in the History of Syndicate Bank

Any one who could read the cyclostyled letter which is presented in its original form would come to know what exactly has happened during 1994. I travelled all the way to Guntur District from UP at my own cost and surveyed the Area for its suitability to perform the Yaagam. Later I applied for a personal loan and met all the expenditure that was needed at that time and the yaagam was done "for retention of the identity of my mohter Bank-Syndicate Bank and also for the welfare of its staff". People told me that there was no such an occasion for any bank staff in the past to perform such a Yaagam at the cost of an individual staff.
But then, I have my own satisfaction. One of the founders whom I admire wished that I should do this and I did it in an unusual manner which no bank officer in the past or in the near future could afford doing so. My banks identity was protected - and it is protected even today.

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