Saturday, June 28, 2008

My 32 plus years career ended in 2001

2001 - a year worth remembering in our lives. Somehow I was placed in Hyderabad without any disturbance since 1997 due to which my son could complete his 10 plus 2 education and started trails for his graduation inspite of his being treated a non local.
In the meantime, VRS scheme was announced, and I was at a puzzle whether to go out of the bank or to continue. The main problem was I completed 3 years plus at Hyderabad (interestingly) and any time I would be asked to move out of Hyderabad. Due to my sons condition as a non local, he got a seat in an engineering college situated 70 km away from Hyderabad. The college was in a rural area where there was no outside hostels or insite hostels. Which means he has to travel every day from Home to the College. It costed me heavily for no fault of ours. I was to go for a rented house to keep my son comfortable atleast for the bus journey to the college. Under these circumstances, I feared for moving out of Hyderabad. Thus I was to opt for VRS though I had enough service ahead of me. Ultimately I moved out of the Bank on 28th May 2001. Though I did not wish for a warm send off, the send off was not as it should be. I saluted my mother bank by prostating in front of the gate for giving me food, shelter and a life worth leading and MY JOURNEY STARTED BACK TO HOME.

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