Saturday, June 28, 2008

My life with Syndicate Bank

I joined Syndicate Bank on 1st August 1968 at Bodhan. After completion of B Com my father advised me to join the bank and at that point of time bank nationalization was seriously on move. I followed the advise of my father and preferred bank job. Having been born and brought up in Vijayawada - a City, we never thought that a new life was to start on choosing bank job at a rural area. My journey to Bodhan started and I reached Bodhan around 25th of July and I thought of joining the bank on 1st August so that I would have a month salary instead of piecemeal for intermediary break periods. I was not knowing debit and credit and I could not identify what was a Savings Bank cheque and what was a Current account cheque. Both looked alike and my time in Cash room was something different. Soaken notes, rough changes and all puzzled me for a long time since I did not prefer to touch them.
Every monday was a headache day due to dumping of clearing instruments on my head. Since I did not stay any time alone till I entered Bodhan, my father reached me a little later and taught me cooking of rice etc. Kerosine Stove, Rice cooking, weekly sandy days ----oh, a new life. The work was so heavy in the office, I used to reach office morning at 8.00 am and the day normally ended around 12.00 midnight when a few of us reach a tea bunk to fill up our stomachs with rotten biscuits and kerosine (Smell) tea. That was our dinner for long time in Bodhan. Sometimes we used to go picture hall and again seeing a picture in such a remote area and that too in a tent like theatre was a memorable experience. I was going to cinema hall by name Navrang theatre in Vijayawada which was very neatly maintained and smoking was prohibited inside the theatre even in those days. From such a decent atmosphere to a different atmosphere where people never used to go out for smoking. The halls used to get filled with cigarette smoke with an eye burning sensation and that was the order of the life style of those people in those days. I was very fond of Hollywood movies and it looks foolish if I mention here that on one day I travelled to Hyderabad along with another friend of mine by name Shri Chaturvedula Sree Rama Chandra Murthy on a motor cycle to see the newly released picture in Ramakrishna 70 mm theatre by name "The Sound of Music". We saw the picture and returned to Bodhan all the way on our motor cycle.
When the life style was that, I preferred to write the banking examinations in the name of CAIIB and I was successful in completion of Part I of the Examination while at Bodhan.
In the meantime bank announced Cumulative Housing Deposits with a monthly contribution of Rs.5 and Rs.10. I understood the economic situation of the villagers and as such took lead to canvass the deposits and astonishingly I canvassed more than 200 deposits accounts in one single day and this was very much appreciated by my management of those days. It was considered to be a all time record in India in those days.
I got married on 13th August 1972 while at Bodhan and in the month of May or so of 1973 I sought for a transfer to a new branch at Sullurpeta where I desired to excell in deposit mobilization.

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