Saturday, June 28, 2008

My Placements in different areas

I was transferred from Buchireddipalem to Seetharampuram - a remote area which has no electricity, no protected water supply facility, no news paper, no phone, no school, no hospital and what not? This was in the year 1977 and I did not do any great crime to receive such punishment. Due to this placement, I lost educative prospects of studying CAIIB and completing it. My health was badly effected. My eldest daughters basic education was put to a total halt. My wife suffered a lot in the remote area and at my just 30th year of life, I was to forego all basic comforts needed for a human being. There is no fault of mine and my placement to Nellore - a district head quarters branch was got cancelled and I do not know what my boses thought of me at that time.
I had no other go than to surrender to the circumstances but very soon I started seeing the plights of the villagers and started sharing their difficulties and I took a oath that my placement as Manager of Seetharampuram branch should atleast bring light into the lives of villagers though I was to sacrifice all personal needs of the age. Anothe blog is created in the name of which may be seen with all curiosity needed to know what a person can do if cornered.


Ana said...

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Marita said...

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