Saturday, June 28, 2008

Torublesome Path of Career

In the month of August 1979 or so I was posted to Kota - another rural area branch as its manager. Kota has electricity and as such it was surely a better placement for me compared to Seetharampuram. Yet, it was a problamatic position due to political rivalries. No manager earlier stayed there for over three years due to conflicts etc. I was elected as the Secretary of Rotary Club and my associations with the Public through the Club services got strengthened. Even today I am sure no manager would have excelled and arranged as many programs as I could arrange in the area and these can be seen in another blog created for this purpose in the name of I was reaching business targets and my recovery in the branch was second to none in those days. I lost my mother in the month of December 1980 and it was a very sad period in my life. I can not write more than this and I do not wish to recollect the sad incidents as to how my bank treated me. I have no grievance against any one, but I consider it as my bad time. Still I continued till May 1983 as its manager and I could do well to the society to the best of my capacities better than any one else if posted at that time in the similar situation.
With all bad health I moved out of Kota to Vijayawada as the Sub Manager of Vijayawada Main Branch and it was a suffering period healthwise in my life. I could complete my CAIIB during this period. I started aiming at the National growth and I designed several subjects and one among them was "Common Universally Acceptable Paper Currency" which was submitted to University of Economic Sciences, Berlin. I was invited to participate in its International Seminars when Bank of Baroda came with a proposal of hosting me in their staff training college at London and to avail of my services in educating their staff. Central Bank came out with a Credit Card for use internationally and it was my first Credit Card. However, my bank did not believe that I would come back after attending the Seminar for over 20 days, and thus it did not grant me leave for as little period as one month. They might have some constraints, but I lost an opportunity of representing our country internationally and to promote a common currency ( my desire to promote Indian Rupee as Common Currency). I was repeatedly invited during 1983 and later too, but the situation was similar and there was no change in the outlook of the management.
I was continuing my suggestions to the bank and perhaps this was the best period I used for sending as many suggestions as possible for the benefit of the bank.
I was posted suddenly to Vizianagaram Branch as its manager during May 1985 and I reported for duty and suddenly I was asked to move out of Vizianagaram and reach Guntakal branch in Anantapur District. My journey from one corner of AP to the other corner was completed. A person like me could not digest the atmosphere prevailing in the branch and I was shocked to see the ugly maintenance of the branch. I was as Secretary to Rotary Club and later elevated as its President too. Several Medical camps were organized by me. That was a diamond jubilee year for the bank (60 years). Several programs were arranged and the deposits front was geared up, while the recovery position got brigthened.
This was the place where from I was once again invited to University of Economic Sciences to give a Keynote address on Common Currency in its International Seminar which gave opportunity to only 21 countries and I was one among them representing India. My tickets were booked and I was about to leave with all the joy that I amgoing to enjoy the opportunity to take the flag of the country to newer heights along with that of my banks flag. Suddenly my father breathed his last and I was to leave all programs and to run to Vijayawada to perform the rituals as the eldest of the family.
Soon I was posted as Lead Bank Office to the Lead District Office in Anantapur and I joined the post even without serving the Guntakal branch for atleast an year. It was a different role. It was really a hell for me changing my children from one place to the other; changing of books, paying donations, creating new unadjustable atmosphere for their education continuity and so on. What to do?
I was posted to Vijayawada in the month of September or so of 1987 which means I stayed at Anantapur for only few months. I joined at Vijayawada in the banks divisional office. That year I purchased a small site and constructed a house of my own during November 1987. I continued here till 1993 during which time my wife received an electrical shock and her hands were totally burned.
During 1993 I was posted to Agra in Uttar Pradesh. I left for Agra leaving my family at Vijayawada. In the meantime one of the founders of the bank whom I admire asked me to perform some Yaagam whereupon the position of the bank improves while the rumours of its merger remain as just rumours.
I selected Yanamadala - a village in Guntur District where a 13th Centure Kaala Bhairava Temple was located and I discussed the matter with my Guruji.

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