Saturday, June 28, 2008

The worst experiences started

I was posted to Mathura in UP in 1994 soon after returning from the Yaagam at Yanamadala and later incidents at Mathura caused lot of damage to my inviduality, personality and image. I do not wish to blame any one, but it was my time that caused all such. I desired to come out of bank at that time due to all humiliations, insults, damages caused to my personality. There was sea change within a few months, and I could not assimilate what did I do for the bank in Yanamadala (both for the bank and bank staff) and what has happened immediately after the yaagam. It was a personality assasination. But then, a good number of staff stood by me including top most officials and they tried to convince me as what has happened was a professional hazard. Beyond this, the Government officials, and the bank Officers appolagised me for what was all done to me and desired me to continue in the bank and show the world that I was committed to the Bank and sincere. Over a period of time, I was convinced about what has been told and I thought going out of the bank was not a suitable decision for the reason that would lead to escapism, and continuing in the bank would show the world that I am fair and sincere. My sincerity was respected one and all over a period of time during my further period of service till I took my Retirement Voluntarily. During 1995 I was posted to Allahabad and in 1996 general transfers I was shifted to Ghaziabad in UP as its Manager in the Divisional Office. In 1997 I was again posted to Cuddapah in AP and during transit I lost all my belongings and ultimately landed in Hyderabad at the banks Zonal Office.
My children education was very badly effected and my son was kept at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Bheemavaram for his 6th class; at Vijayawada for his 7th class; at Allahabad for his 8th class; at Ghaziabad for his 9th class and at Hyderabad for his 10th class. Due to all this, my son was treated as a non-local of AP due to which he lost all his educational prosperity for his graduation. My daughter could not proceed for her post graduation.

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